What does the blueprint for better cities look like? For BASF it means partnering with architects, builders and contractors to provide them with the right building materials to make communities resilient, energy efficient and sustainable.

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Focus on resiliency

We are delighted that a key highlight at this year's show will be the #HurricaneStrong rebuilt home in Breezy Point, New York. Following the homes destruction during Hurricane Sandy, it was rebuilt with the help of several industry partners to showcase how designing in resilience can also be done affordably. Talk with us about your resilient design goals.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Did you know that BIM, Specification, and digital support on your projects is available through BASF? Did you know Neopor is in both Product MasterSpec as well as BSD's SpecLink tool?

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Product Spotlight

WALLTITE® - The Airtight Insulation

With WALLTITE®, you can achieve a seamless insulation with no gaps and a complete building envelope in a single installation.

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Basotect® – The Versatile Melamine Resin Foam

If sound absorption is a priority for your next project, BASF’s open-cell foam, Basotect®, is more than capable of making restaurants, meeting rooms and reception areas quiet.

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Neopor® GPS - The Next Generation of Insulation

Neopor GPS is more than just a foam with a unique color. It’s an insulation that gives maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Learn more about the power of the original grey.

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SKYTITE® – Low cost re-roofing system

Low maintenance and leak-free performance for 20 – 30 years? Make it a reality with SKYTITE®, our spray-applied polyurethane foam roofing system.

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